It's a GoodThing on a long haul

It's a GoodThing on a long haul
It's a Good Thing on a Long Haul

Sunday 14 May 2017

Book Launch: Jake Wolf-Blood, Book one of FIRESTONE

Long time in the making, this teenage novel is finally ready for launch! I've been working on it for about 10 years, alternating with painting, but this year I stopped painting, finalised the book, and drew the pictures for each chapter. There's a sequel to be written as well, so that's my plan for the rest of 2017 into 2018

Nutshell Synopsis:

Jake lives in safety but is plagued by nightmares. Urgun lives in a nightmare,and can only dream of safety. Tulsi’s nightmare is about to begin.

 In an instant, their worlds collide. Hunted by wolves and a murderous uncle, only their strength and courage can save them.

Why does the Firestone bring them together, and will it heal or destroy them if they can't uncover the secrets of the Firestone in time?

If you like a page-turner, this will keep your hands busy. It's a fast-moving adventure, action never stops, and the heroes and heroines are very human, full of flaws, but also humour. Each character goes on a personal journey as they try to understand what's happening, and help unravel some injustices done years earlier. 
It's a novel about loss of homeland and family, about finding new friends and belonging.
So if you have a teenage kid who likes lots of action, or you like reading teen novels yourself, Amazon is stocking it in print and in Kindle form. It is also available from me, direct in a [posh] paperback at £9.99 plus p&p
If you go to Amazon you can read the first chapter, and keep up to date with the world of Firestone on the Fan Page .
Hoping you enjoy it! and please leave feedback.