It's a GoodThing on a long haul

It's a GoodThing on a long haul
It's a Good Thing on a Long Haul

Wednesday 18 January 2012

Artist in Res Week 4 JAN 2012

Archetypal Bowlerhatman

I suspect this hat will have to go. It was something to do with January and dire forcasts ahead, so the meddling man took on a banking aspect, hat, tie and starkers.

There is a fully suited and booted banker in the sky, reading his F.T. Must have got the wrong picture...

Below is One Happy Singing Viking. I've got job envy. It was right to select him out of various possibilites. His creativity does me good.

Deatil of the Singing Viking

Landpacked creation seems to be wanting to be sung off land into the sky. Reversal?

Artist in Res Week 3

Entrance of THE MAN who appears to be stirring things up. The tranqullity of the bridge is now slightly disturbed. But not too much.....

This is me with a four foot board to the left and the eight foot one in front.

This is the four foot board. I allowed the woodchip itself to dictate this picture. the singing Viking is in the centre and I abandoned other ideas in favour of him and what seems to be his creation.

Artist in Res Week 2

Week 2
Adding colour a bit nervously.

A woman emerges

Artist in Residence at Chesterfield College - AA2A

Nov 2011 - Jan 2012 Week 1
I used an overhead projector to get the rough outline of the bridge. then upended it to find the hidden monsters.