It's a GoodThing on a long haul

It's a GoodThing on a long haul
It's a Good Thing on a Long Haul

Tuesday 6 September 2016

RAIN. RAIN go away! Fortunately for everyone it did on Sunday at Art in The Gardens

She Who Must be Obeyed
I shared a gazebo with Xenmint Art Photography and our space was rammed to the rafters with colourful art.- possibly far too much - but hey, it cheered up a gloomy day of solid rain.It started fine and bright but as the  show opened at 10.30 the first drops began to fall. By 12.30 it had set in for the day and the paying public sensibly decided they would all wait for Sunday.  I suspect Social Media had passed the word around because even the big marquees were empty of punters. One dragon painting went to a drenched friend who probably has pneumonia by now. Bless her.

Sunday was more like it. The rain had mostly gone, a breeze blew up and we soon learned the art of weighting down the waterproof items on our front table, aluminium prints, mugs, coasters etc.
The Gardens came alive during the morning with families and art lovers filling up their carrier bags. As one lady put it, "What's not to like for a girl with a credit card?" Fortunately for us the event organisers had a card facility which I was lucky enough to visit three times during the afternoon. And best of all I sold a big fantasy mural painted on coarse chipboard- "Nightflight"
just half an hour before the gates shut. Very pleased the buyer liked it so much! Quite a bit of soul-wrestling going on there for a while as she paced up and down, but she bit the bullet at last.
Mutual satisfaction I hope. Although, I have to add that a young man from the next door gazebo was very disappointed as he'd been trying to persuade his Nan to buy it for him!

Sometimes September comes in like a lamb, this year it was a bit Lionesque. If it had been wet two days in a row, I doubt we'd have broken even, but Fate or Paul Hudson the Weatherman and a charming Irish girl smiled, and we got lucky.
Would we do it again? Ask me next year!

Below are a couple of my new Encaustic Wax  paintings that seemed to be of interest. People like the feel of the wax. and enjoyed being able to actually touch a painting. Half the fun of wax is its tactile  qualities.
SnaKing  - from the dragon series. This will be on show at the Great Sheffield Art Show in November.

This picture was inspired by rising sea levels,
I call it Leaving Home