It's a GoodThing on a long haul

It's a GoodThing on a long haul
It's a Good Thing on a Long Haul

Monday 31 October 2011

Things got a bit complicated

Well, they did. The city started evolving bigtime. Suspect a strategy to keep those dragons from their den.

Dragons' Den

A new perspective on pastel boards.....extending and incorpating onto the frame. This is a continuation of Dragonship. Both the city and the ships are eveloving into lifeforms....

Nightflight 3

This is my latest take on Nightflight

Artist in Residence at Chesterfield College - AA2A

I am delighted to be amongst 6 artists who've been selected by Chesterfield College to be their artists in residence for the next six months. This involves 100 hours of working at the college until April/May next year. The idea is to be available to the students so they can ask questions about our works, working practices etc. For them, a small window on what it is like to be a working artist, and for us a chance to share some of what we know, and no doubt learn a lot from them. A short intro to the students on Nov 24 will start the process, and then each of us will set up our work in one of the studios and begin.
For me, this is a wonderful opportunity to undertake a large mural on coarse chipboard, [OSB] something I can't fit into my studio at home. Ideas buzzing about how to carry this out, then how to carry it elsewhere...
The board I have in mind is 6' x8' [ or Length: 2440mm Width: 1220mm].
Ah, jigsaws......
The mechanics of this are part of the exploration of my chosen material. I am really looking forward to starting since my pictures invariably end up quite different from what I begin with. I will be writing a blog for the college, and will link it to this site.