It's a GoodThing on a long haul

It's a GoodThing on a long haul
It's a Good Thing on a Long Haul

Tuesday 20 July 2010

Art in the Garens -Sheffield Royal Botanical Gardens Sept 4th & 5th

If you've never been to this event, put it in your diary. It's a great day out even when it's wet because there are small marquees all over the grounds with everything from crafts to fine arts on sale, and very good coffee. There's live music too, a massive display of wood turning - amazing stuff - and photography, and a big exhibition of local artists' work in the main marquee. That's where my work is. The year before last I wore wellies and a big umbrella, (no, I wasn't nude modelling) but last year it was fine and beautiful.

After the Great Sheffield Art Show -

Fantastic show. It can take a few hours to look around 1500 paintings and meet the artists with booths around the edge. One year, I promise myself, I will have one of those. Watch this space, or those booths anyway.... My paintings were in the last few, so forcing ourselves to start at No 1 and work our way round, it took a couple of hours to find I had actually sold Nightflight. We were so chuffed we had to go outside to shout, drink coffee and grin. So, really thanks to whoever bought it! I hope you really enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. It grew over a couple of months at the end of my kitchen when I was supposed to be doing other things - not that I was obsessed or anything..... One day I will use it in a story, along with Dragonship, Timberville and Waterpostman. The good news is, someone else who saw it at the Derbyshire Arts event also wants to buy it. So I must be doing something right.
I really enjoy these chipboard panels. they grow organically from the boards, dictating what is there, encouraging exploration and adventure. It's as much sculpture as painting, the use of fingers essential and not a lot of brushes involved. Yes, I get messy. Yes, the kitchen is not the place to work. So now.....Since Best Beloved said No to a summerhouse, I have requistioned the garden shed - the contents of which now reside in a nice plastic greenhouse, £25 from Tesco's Sale :)

Thursday 8 July 2010

Great Sheffield Art Show - July 10th 11th 2010 10am -6pm OCTAGON, Western Bank, Sheffield University,

This is a huge show, well worth a visit, not just for my 5 pictures on show! About 2000 paintings will be on display and many working artists to see and talk to and various events to attend. Please come and bring your friends. there is a cafe and many demos and workshops. A great day out.