It's a GoodThing on a long haul

It's a GoodThing on a long haul
It's a Good Thing on a Long Haul

Monday 26 January 2015

Speed Painting with the Bolsover WI

One hour to teach 40 glass painting novices how to paint! Sounds like the sort of TV challenge I can't resist.Where is your natural caution when you need it? In my defence I was running a temperature when asked to perform this feat - my normal reason not just impaired but on holiday, With no sense except the desire to sneeze, snooze and snuggle up, I cheerfully said, Yes I can do that! At this point happily assuming it would be a two hour slot. It seemed a bit churlish to withdraw the offer once the single allotted hour was mentioned. And there is no doubt it will be a bit of fun, and a also bit of a mad gallop, but the Bolsover Women are made of sterling stuff. We will succeed|
Should I invite the Guinness Book of Records with stopwatches?

My first befuddled thought was, We'll use peelable glass paints. Second thought, two days later with brain more or less re-assembled: Are you totally mad? It takes 24 hours to dry! So waterbased glass paints it is. Two hairdryers to fix the outliner, and then pretty much whacking in the colour before our time is up and we all turn into pumpkins.

If all goes to plan, the Famous Bolsover 40 will turn up bearing little picture frames, a water pot and some paper towel - possibly they might have constructed a little WI flag with this kit if they bring a paintbrush as well. Some may even have made their own design for that picture frame. Failing that, they'll have to make do with mine.
 I am fascinated to see if it can be done in 60 mins.
Of course it can! And the proof will be up here next week.
WI's Honour!

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